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The regulation must be read and understood by all Resort customers!


  • We always address people whose physical and mental abilities allow the activities to be carried out according to the security rules. 

  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from other people.

  • Wear your mask all around the Resort!

  • Subscriptions are valid on the day they are issued and are not transferable from one person to another.

  • Points from the ski season December (current year 2020) - April (next year 2021) are valid for the entire period of the ski season with the mention: those from weekends(s,d) are only valid on weekends(s,d) and those from
    extra weekends (L, M, M, J, F) only extra weekends (M, M, M, J, F).

  • In this Resort you carry out activities at your own risk.

  • Parents, guardians or adults who accompany minors are responsible for how they comply with the safety rules.

  • We reserve the right to exclude from the resort without refund any person who does not comply with the regulations and who is intoxicated. Money is not returned in case of bad weather (wind, storm, rain, etc.), power outage, or any other conditions.
    independent of our company or that would endanger the clients and the staff of the resort.

  • It is forbidden to use the equipment by people who are in a state of intoxication, by those who are under the influence of hallucinogenic or narcotic substances.

  • Persons who cause destruction of the equipment made available by not complying with the instructions for use will be charged for the damage caused.

  • By purchasing a card/ticket or accessing the Resort premises, you agree and have read this regulation. Representing express and prior consent to the fact that the image, name, as the case may be, may be made public through media without payment.

  • In the perimeter of the Resort, the consumption of drinks and food from outside is not allowed.

  • You are responsible for your own security.

  • "FIS 10" (FIS = International Ski Federation) is the forum that regulates skiing as a performance and recreational sport. Being a sport with a higher risk of accidents than other sports, its practice on the slopes was regulated by a code of conduct. Adherence to this code is first and foremost a measure of your own safety on the ski slopes and last but not least a sign of respect for others. When purchasing ski passes, we have the obligation and interest to know and respect these laws. As we know, ignorance of the law does not exempt us from responsibilities.

1. Let's consider other skiers too! Skiers must behave on their side in such a way that they do not endanger others, or do not injure others. This also applies to the right equipment.

2. Let's ski with optimal, controlled speeds! Always ski according to the level of preparation, terrain conditions (visibility!) and take into account the level of congestion on the slopes.

3. Choosing the descent line (route)! The downhill skier must choose the descent line in such a way as not to endanger in any case the person sliding in front of him (preferably not to scare).

4. Overtaking and bypassing! Any overtaking from the left, right, up, or down is allowed, with one condition: there must always be enough space for maneuvers (even unexpected ones) of the bypassed skier.

5. Obligations regarding starting and entering the slope! The skier, if he performs such maneuvers, must make sure that he does not endanger others after this maneuver.

6. Stopping! Stopping is prohibited on narrow sections or with reduced visibility of the slope. In case of a fall, we are obliged to leave the area as soon as possible.

7. Ascent and descent on foot! For ascent and descent on foot (without skis) we must always use the edge of the slope.

8. Let's pay attention to the signs and indicators! All skiers are obliged to respect the signs and indicators on the slopes, including those of the care staff.

9. Giving help! In case of accidents, it is mandatory to give help. Neglecting this aspect is punishable by law.

10. The obligation to identify ourselves! Irrespective of whether we caused an accident or were witnesses, we are obliged to identify ourselves to the competent authorities.

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