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două instații de teleschi

două instații de teleschi

At only50 KM from Cluj-Napoca

three slopes with different degrees of difficulty

4-person chair lift facility

two ski lifts

night installation

landscaped and illuminated parking lot with 500 spaces

artificial snow

electric car charging station

In the heart of the mountains, we have opened the long-awaited ski and snowboard slopes of Mărișel, which will be loved by all lovers of winter sports.

With a special view directly towards the reservoir Beliș Fântânele, but also with a landscape that takes your breath away towards the peaks of the Apuseni mountains, Pârtia Mărișel waits for you ready for fun on a quality ski or snowboard.

The resort was developed from scratch, without any slopes beforehand. 

To get there, there are two routes: the county road DJ 107P Mărișel (Gilău-Someșul Rece-Mărișel), or the county road DN 1R Beliș-Fântânele (Căpușu Mare-Beliș-Mărișel).


4 The slopes with different degrees of difficulty

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At Mărișel Ski & Bike Resort  the fun is shared with friends, we have a detachable chair lift for 4 people (especially for those with a board), but also 2 ski lifts.

Also, so that the fun doesn't end, we also have a nocturnal installation and, of course, an artificial snow installation.


So, we wait for you to ski and snowboard at 50 km of the city, finally mentioning that we have also prepared a 500-space equipped and illuminated parking lot and a 300-space illuminated parking lot at the base of the slope.

1. The blue slope

The Blue Slope -  having a considerable width , is ideal for beginners and not only. This has a total length of approx. 2,000 m and at its end you can go up with the T3 4-seater chairlift. As a shorter option, you can opt after approx. 750 m to take the T1 ski lift with 2 seats. 
It should be noted that, at the beginning of the red slope, you can opt for 450 m of the blue slope for children or beginners who can take the T2 ski lift for one person.

2. The red slope

The Red Slope - with a total length of 1600 m is dedicated to the bravest. It starts at an altitude of 1240 m and has a difference in level of 325 m. The first 450 m have a low difficulty. with the option of taking the T2 ski lift for the ascent. From this point it becomes much steeper, turning into a genuine red slope.

3. The black slope

The Black Slope - with a total length of 1400 m is dedicated to the advanced. This has a leisurely 450m start shared with the red slope, after which the adrenaline kicks in and you really enter the black slope. At the end you will return to the red slope for about 300 m at the end of which the 4-seater T3 chairlift starts.

4. The sledge slope

The sledge slope - is dedicated especially to children, but we have not forgotten the adults with a child's soul. We created this slope to offer a form of outdoor fun to those who don't have the courage to ski.

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